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shoulder the heavy responsibility, live up to the trust! ——compton warriors henadate:2023-05-06     hot:29

    recently, henan province has suffered from continuous heavy rainfall, and a number of rainfall data have exceeded historical extremes, resulting in serious disasters in zhengzhou and other places, affecting the hearts of people across the country. in this special period, compton actively responded to the call of henan tower company, urgently activated the emergency work mechanism, set up the "henan emergency maintenance team" at the first time, dispatched backbone technical forces to the disaster area, and made every effort to do a good job in the emergency repair and maintenance of the company's products, while striving to minimize customer losses, but also helped the disaster area to restore normal life order as soon as possible in its own way.

    due to extreme rainfall, many direct flights and trains to zhengzhou have been delayed, coupled with difficulties across the country, and the enthusiasm of the eight parties to support disaster relief, resulting in a difficult ticket for trains to zhengzhou. however, the flood situation in zhengzhou was urgent, and the emergency was urgent, and the leaders of our company immediately issued instructions, special affairs, starry nights, and rushed to zhengzhou at all costs, fully cooperating with the emergency and disaster relief work arrangements of henan iron tower company. on july 23, the personnel of our emergency work team arrived in zhengzhou one after another, and rushed to henan tower company as soon as possible to accept the work arrangement.

   according to the task arrangement of henan tower company, our company mainly undertakes two major rescue and maintenance tasks: one is the information collection and recovery of offline power exchange cabinets, and the other is whether the battery is soaked in water and fault repair work. time is tight and the task is heavy, the rescue team quickly made a group division of labor: shu xiaodong was responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the battery replacement in the warehouse; ping zhike and luo junfeng are responsible for information collation, coordination and cooperation, reporting work progress, formulating next work plans and logistical support in the tower province company; li yangao, zhao chaonan, zhang wei and zou qin were divided into two teams to go to each site to repair the power exchange cabinet, feedback the on-site situation, emergency support for the customer's high-frequency key areas, and guide the customer personnel fault handling methods.

   according to the feedback of on-site personnel, the initial rescue and maintenance work was very difficult to carry out, the urban roads were seriously flooded, many road surfaces collapsed, urban road traffic was almost paralyzed, and it took time and effort for personnel to reach the site; at the same time, the communication signal is weak, and remote communication cannot be guaranteed, which greatly affects work efficiency; because the mains power has not been restored, most of the power exchange cabinets cannot be powered on for maintenance, and the emergency personnel have struggled to arrive at the scene but cannot solve any problems...

    in addition, the lives of emergency workers are also facing many problems such as tight hotel housing, water and electricity outages, and food shortages. emergency worker ping zhike said: "when i first arrived in zhengzhou, the entire east railway station was still covered with water marks, power outages, no signal, unable to contact colleagues and customers, and many passengers were stranded at the station because they could not find a place to live. when the peripheral power outage mobile phone cannot be charged and is about to turn off, and there is nowhere to return in a different place, anxiety, panic and other feelings follow. however, despite the thorns ahead, they also persevered to their jobs, and during this period, the company's leaders also sent condolences and reminded front-line personnel to work under the premise of ensuring their own safety, and thanked everyone for their selfless dedication and dedication.

   there is love in the world. they built "steel dikes" to resist floods with their flesh and blood. with their white hands, they rushed to repair various infrastructures day and night, and restored power, communication and transportation in the shortest time, thus ensuring the smooth development of our maintenance work. my brothers are very proud to fight with them.

    after about a week's hard work around the clock, most of the power change cabinets have been restored to the line. for the relevant bubble batteries and replacement parts, our company will give priority to the allocation of materials to ensure the disaster area. the rescue work has achieved phased results. the rescue warriors can finally relax, and everyone has expressed their feelings about this special experience, ping zhike said: "our efforts are of great significance. we usually do not feel the importance of signals, water and electricity, and even the company's power exchange products to life. but when an accident occurs and all infrastructure stops working, life becomes difficult. these very basic things are the things that we and our customers strive to repair at the first time after the disaster. we are serving the masses of the people, not just for business." although the rescue and maintenance work is not over yet, our excellent professional technology and practical ability have provided great help for customers to recover production and save losses, and we have received customers' sincere thanks!

    one side is in trouble, the other side is supportive, the disaster is merciless, and the world is affectionate. i believe that under the leadership of the government and the support of all sectors of society, the people of henan will be able to survive the disaster. bless the people of henan, and pay tribute to the people's soldiers, people from all walks of life, and our company's emergency repair technicians who are fighting in the front line of the disaster!