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compton 2016 annual fun gamesdate:2016-10-14     hot:342

to showcase all employees good spirit full of fighting spirit and vitality. enhance competition, and collective cohesion of employees in the board agreed and enthusiastic support, and actively organized by the ministry of manpower administrative, marketing and other departments, compton the first "fun games "on january 15, 2016 was held in mission hills plant in the region.

athletes, referees into the team under the guidance of licensed venue, the opening ceremony, assistant general manager xiao total gave a brief speech speech, advocated "happy first, competition second" sportsmanship, race out happy, race out of harmony, race out of solidarity and friendship

competition set up a total of six events, namely table tennis 50 m relay, collective rope skipping, three four-legged, grab a stool, snowball, bridge across the river, in the original game system on the committee be adjusted modifications to make it more amusing. deputy general manager xiao total, cui also personally support competitions, winning warm applause. each game project team during the game, and each group cheerleading contestants applauded. the whole game in an orderly manner, the organizing committee is also equipped with a full set of emergency measures to protect the medicine chest, knee and elbow pads, etc., to protect employee safety.

deepest winter, the arena is a hustle and bustle, vibrant, always yang bubbling happiness, happy, cheering, applause, cheering cries heard. fun games song and laughter in the midst of a successful conclusion.

merrymaking mood to relaxation, to make sexual pleasure, pressure has been released. the fun games organized by the staff, greatly enriched the cultural life of amateur staff, and fully reflects the "healthy life, happy work" concept, so that employees enjoy in the movement to bring happiness, to further enhance the company's cohesion, solidarity, greatly aroused the enthusiasm of the staff.