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lightning weather service is a technology service based on the national and industry standards undertaken. shenzhen weather service since 2005 lightning services standardization, the same year iso9001 certification and laboratory accreditation (cma), preparation of the "lightning protection technology standard system" document, the formation of a more perfect lightning management system. after obtaining the "shenzhen city, guangdong province meteorological service standardization pilot" project, city weather service continued to strengthen basic research and applied technology mine, mine disaster reduction guidance of public services with the new technical standards and management standards to improve the authority of the meteorological department.

currently, mine technical services have covered more than 10 industries, municipal meteorological service center combine standardized service needs, according to all the key characteristics of the industry, the implementation of the sub-sector mine safety technology research, has for the city traffic lights, gas stations library , nuclear power, electronics manufacturers, tourist attractions, schools, bus stops, rail transportation, water systems, stadiums, car charging stations and other industries to provide technical guidance lightning blue book, effectively guide the mine engineering design related industries, construction and security operations. on this basis, the preparation of the shenzhen local standards, "lightning safety requirements and testing standards," the second part of the school "and" part 3 gas stations library ", respectively, the new expansion schools and gas stations and daily operation and maintenance of libraries provide technical support basis. presided over the establishment of the industry standard "surge protectors - part 2: the low-voltage electrical system selection and use of the principle of" qx10.2, "surge protectors - part 2: electronic systems signalling network selection and use of the principle of" qx10.3, "primary and secondary schools lightning protection technical specifications", etc., participated in the study more than the national standard.

and the implementation of standardized management, the introduction of third-party city weather service mine technical supervision services to ensure the quality of service in shenzhen mine, mine technical services for each case the investigation visit, including service effectiveness, service attitude, quality of service, responsiveness, communication effectiveness, customer satisfaction, comprehensive, timely follow-up to solve actual customer demands and recommendations for lightning protection services, according to the implementation of standardized business rules and processes for adjustment. currently, the service has become an effective monitoring mechanism, which greatly improves service satisfaction rate.