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why sichuan took the lead into the "all-optical network" eradate:2016-10-25     hot:483

the past three years, sichuan adhere to all-fiber, high starting point, step, urban and rural development path by leaps and bounds, to accelerate the "sichuan optical network" construction, the province of all urban, rural towns and villages for a class of 100% fiber covering traditional telephone switching equipment power-back network, fiber-optic broadband users accounted for more than 90%. up to now, the province's optical network covering more than 24 million households, optical network broadband users more than 7.3 million. establish a fiber-optic broadband "1000m lead, 100m popular, 20m start" pattern, the average internet user optical network bandwidth 37.9m, first in the country. broadband price decline from 7.5 yuan / m to 1.9 yuan / m, a drop of 75%.relying on the advantages of all-optical network broadband, triple play iptv applications rapid development, the province's iptv subscribers, the pace of development in all the country.


in the process of building all-optical networks in the province, the sichuan provincial government formed the leadership of the relevant departments to guide provincial, local government and infrastructure construction and implementation of broadband telecommunications companies for the main propulsion mode.

the first is to strengthen the organization and leadership. sichuan provincial government has always attached great importance to "broadband china" strategy and the "internet " action plan to implement in the ground in sichuan, it has issued a "sichuan" broadband china "strategy plan" and other documents, and broadband china construction some of the tasks indicators into provincial government to promote the people's livelihood project supervision. the principal leaders of the provincial government of sichuan inspections communications industry and made important instructions. for broadband construction process faces "bones", "bottleneck" problem, the provincial government to convene the provincial development and reform commission, housing department, environmental protection agency, more than ten provincial departments held a special meeting to study the advance measures to strictly supervise the implementation. organization established to promote coordination mechanisms provincial development and reform commission and the communications authority of co-lead in the overall planning, elements of security and other aspects of the initial formation of 17 specific measures to comments. sichuan provincial communications authority to make every effort to work with the security, organization-related enterprises in the province's 21 cities (prefectures) established communication development office, and local authorities to establish a contact mechanism to promote the implementation of relevant policies fall.