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grounding resistance line monitor
grounding resistance line monitor
application environment:
grounding resistance is one of the important parameters of power, communication system operation, but also a measure of the effectiveness of the grounding system, safety an important indicator of the size of the grounding resistance value is directly related to the safety of electrical equipment. the tester solves the following problems:
(1) corrosion grounding device, grounding resistance becomes large electronic system and can not find the problem;
(2) existing testing methods need to live, for a professional measurement;
(3) simultaneous network resistance is no continuous statistical data is not easy to summarize the analysis and improvement.
suitable for secondary power systems, power complex, transmission line tower grounding resistance and real-time remote monitoring;
suitable for wind turbine equipment and photovoltaic system grounding resistance and real-time remote monitoring;
for real-time monitoring of commercial buildings, laboratories and other building electrical equipment grounding resistance and overrun warning.

product details


monitor the use of non-contact measurement technology, safe, reliable, easy to install, monitor ground deflectors directly through perforation, does not affect the normal operation of lightning protection and grounding effect and facilities;

monitor temperature, cold, anti-corrosion, fire, structured solid rain, dust, long-term use can be installed outdoors. ensure outdoors, the mine and indoor long line detection of high stability, high reliability;

which enables remote monitoring and grounding resistance monitoring system, real-time data graphically in an intuitive display;

you can customize the frequency of collection, alarm overrun grounding resistance value.