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pluggable power spd -1
pluggable power spd -1
application environment:
b, c grade power protection;
for communications operator communications room, power dispatching center room, hospital equipment rooms, and other financial securities urban low-voltage power distribution room, installed in low voltage distribution panel input device or input.

product details


strict streaming technology, can withstand continuous, multiple lightning. the production of parallel modules for each internal pressure limiting valve zinc oxide rigorous screening to ensure the consistency of its indicators;

reasonable structure design, pin connectors using high-quality connections to reduce the parasitic inductance of the line, effectively improve the quantity of electricity, reduce the residual pressure, prolong the service life of the module;

innovative use of high toughness beryllium copper material as a thermal trip device, under fault conditions can be automatically off the grid;

mechanization design, small size, simple installation, easy maintenance;

the well-known brand of core components, excellent performance;

having a working fault indication, remote alarm function;

with automatic tripping device, a fault condition automatically from the grid;

standard products for the "3 1" protection mode can also add additional protection mode according to user requirements;

sophisticated technology, can do an acid, alkali, dust, humidity and other harsh environments and long-term work;

series of products through telecommunications industry standards compliance type identified.