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shenzhen compton won the 2015 re-credit enterprisedate:2016-10-14     hot:451

recently, the company was the guangdong provincial administration for industry and commerce assessed as "2015 credible" enterprise. this is our second consecutive year was recognized as trustworthy business, marking the company in the enterprise credit system construction gained recognition for corporate image and enhance market competitiveness, enhance brand awareness and reputation of great significance .

"credible" enterprise publicity activities, industrial and commercial authorities on the basis of voluntary business enterprise credit information recording contract to the public notice of administrative guidance activities. industrial and commercial administrative authorities to carry out "credible" enterprise publicity activities, the purpose is to guide and urge enterprises to establish a scientific and rational contract management system, standardize enterprise contract behavior; corporate image, expand and trustworthy business impact; establishing public supervision platform, reducing the public transaction risk.

all along, the company attaches great importance to enterprise credit system construction, and always uphold the "integrity management, scientific development," the spirit of enterprise, the integrity of the building thoroughly implement the business practice among enterprises, we established a complete set of business integrity management system, by virtue of integrity oriented business philosophy, legal norms qualification growing reputation of the brand and the quality and efficient product quality, has won widespread praise from all sectors of society. the company is the guangdong provincial administration for industry and commerce assessed as "credible" enterprises, is a division i has been upholding the integrity of law affirmation of the company's business development will have a positive role in promoting.