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shenzhen compton selected for the "national torch plan"date:2016-10-14     hot:1071

recently, the ministry of science published the 2015 annual national torch program, spark program projects approved list (the national science owned <2015> 436), the commission recommended by the shenzhen branch, shenzhen technology co., ltd. shenzhen compton technology co., ltd commitment to the implementation of " lightning substation monitoring and management system "project, successfully selected national torch program.


state torch program projects, based on market demand at home and abroad as a guide to national, local and industry research programs, the latest technology research and development program as well as the results of other research as the basis for the development of high-tech products, the formation of industry as the goal, merit selection and organization of high-tech industrialization project implementation.

division i is a technology-oriented enterprise, since its establishment, the sustained attention and focus on investment in research and development capabilities in the market to achieve good returns, while strong investment in r & d through to maintain the company's continued competitiveness. the company nearly three years of sales growth year after year, in order to continued investment in research and development foundation.


shenzhen compton technology co., ltd "substation lightning protection monitoring and management system" project is based on lightning protection, power distribution, and other aspects of ground technological breakthrough to solve the existing existing lightning protection equipment can not remotely monitor its health problems, easy maintenance, the exact point of failure location.

the company received 2015 national torch plan projects, the company's technology innovation, research and development power of expression, will help the company to play a leading intellectual property advantages of products to enhance the company's core competitiveness. shenzhen compton technology co., ltd future will continue to increase r & d investment, enhance technological innovation strength, constantly pressing domestic and international market demand trends and product development to develop new products, so that enterprises in the forefront of the industry, enhance domestic and foreign counterparts in the core competitiveness .