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shenzhen compton was nameddate:2016-10-14     hot:1204

april 26, 2016, in the high-tech howard johnson hotel chengdu, sichuan tower company held the "sichuan tower 2016 supplier conference",shenzhen compton technology co., ltd as one of its main suppliers invited to participate in this meeting.

during the meeting, sichuan tower for outstanding performance in 2015 in recognition of outstanding providers, a total of 123 suppliers on behalf of the participants, including 13 "outdoor integrated cabinet" suppliers.shenzhen compton technology co., ltd in competitions in 2015, due to product quality and after-sales service to the fore, was named "outstanding cooperation outdoor integrated cabinet units," our division manager mr. cao yongdong southstage of china  to accept the award on behalf of.

features of compton integrated cabinet: install flexible, ready to support the delivery of spare parts and on-site assembly, rapid establishment of the station; the cabinet by a combination of the basic functional unit, on-demand selection room size, saving space; compact modular design, flexible configuration, saving materials; subdivision management, individual temperature control, energy-efficient; flexible configuration, and can be realized around the cabinet, and the cabinet back to back, in order to achieve smooth network evolution, and so on.

the award for the company to follow the bidding in sichuan tower increase scoring items, as a good partner to provide a better option for other companies, but also played a very good demonstration effect for tower customers.