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standard lightning protection box series
standard lightning protection box series
application environment:
for b, c grade power protection equipment;
for mobile communications base stations, communications room, computer room, communications room power, airports, factories, mines, railways, civil construction and other low-voltage ac power distribution system;
and a clamp for the discharge of industrial / residential power grids and lines due to lightning and large inductance equipment switches and transient operation due to over voltage and over-current over-voltage, because of its fast and efficient, can effectively protect the electrical facilities.

product details


the well-known brand of core components, excellent performance;

strict streaming technology, flow, residual depression, can withstand continuous, multiple lightning;

optional freestanding lightning counter;

spd status indicator window; with remote signaling function, remote monitoring;

spd module built-in automatic protection device, when the module failure and guarantee reliable power supply system off;

standard products for the "3 1" protection mode can also add additional protection mode according to user needs;

lightning protection box optional high-performance schneider breaker as the backup protection can also be adapted to other imported brands according to user requirements;

install lightning protection box can use kelvin wiring in order to reduce the residual voltage lines and increased protection;

with steel casing corrosion, long-term work in harsh environments.

series of products through telecommunications industry standards compliance type identified.