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broadband private spd
broadband private spd
application environment:
broadband adsl broadband network is mainly used for special surge suppressor cells for home users, modern port line overvoltage, overcurrent surge suppression. can effectively avoid equipment damage caused by lightning induced over-voltage caused by the telephone network, broadband network.

product details


patented product, residual voltage, speed, broadband telecommunications equipment designed for lightning and surge protection and development and design;

easy installation: plug and play, without professionals and tools;

small size, light weight, no special requirements for a fixed manner;

without grounding: the differential mode protection, grounding requirements are more lenient on the ground without the use of protection can be guaranteed better results;

telephone interface, optional network interface protection.

power / video / control circuit modular design;

multi-level protection structure tandem wiring and reduce overall line lightning residual pressure to ensure that the protective effect;

flow capacity, low residual voltage, fast response time;

each line are common mode, differential mode full-protection mode, the protection of good performance;

imported high-quality lightning protection device, stable quality and reliable performance;

power, signal isolation design, to avoid mutual interference;

built-in temperature protection circuit, short-circuit fault automatically from;

having a power supply and lightning deterioration indicator;

standard din rail or wall mounting options;

smaller, simple installation, easy maintenance;