photovoltaic lightning kpa460 / 20m-2024欧洲杯官网

photovoltaic lightning kpa460 / 20m-3p / pv
photovoltaic lightning kpa460 / 20m-3p / pv
application environment:
kpd series photovoltaic dc surge protector is designed for surge solar photovoltaic systems over voltage protection products, through-flow 20ka, 40ka, 60ka, and other dc power surge protection module, applicable to different voltage levels the photovoltaic power generation system.

product details


through-flow large, residual voltage, fast response time;

built-in thermal trip device, the protector due to overheating, breakdown failure can automatically disconnect;

standard 35mm rail mounting modular design, multi-level module combination, very easy to install and maintain;

it comes with optional remote communication terminals for remote alarm control;

operating voltage up to dc1200v, a variety of voltage levels can be customized according to customer demand;

protected mode default "y" type and other institutions optional;

quality assurance, product passed the cgc cgc, tuv, ce certification.