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dc distribution box
dc distribution box
size: standard size
power supply: 220v
material: combination material
packaging: universal packaging
application environment:
mainly used in communication base stations, communications rooms and other industries rated working voltage-48v, rated output current of not more than 400a of the dc power distribution system;
3g network bbu power supply, distributed base station equipment, outdoor integrated dc power supply equipment;
dc power supply far supply equipment;
factory automation and control of low-voltage direct current distribution system;

product details


the distribution method adopts the two-level distribution principle, the input is the total fuse, and the output can be the combination of the branch fuse or the fuse and the direct-current air-

all the key components are adopted by the national mandatory certification of the manufacturer of products, the use of safe, reliable;
the output way according to user requirements;
optional voltage, current display and power work instructions;
according to the needs of users with different specifications, different protection mode c, d-class power lightning protection device;
power lightning protection device integrated in the box near the installation, line distance is short, protective effect is good; mine flow through the large, residual depression, fast response time;
optional lightning count, remote signaling, utility power-down alarm and other auxiliary functions;
box made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, compact structure;
with good electrical insulation properties, with a good protective grounding system;
wall-mounted cabinet or standard 19-inch rack;
cabinet size and spray color according to user requirements;
upper and lower parts are equipped with inlet and outlet holes, according to the user into the line need to choose to use;
use and maintenance convenience.