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intelligent distribution box
intelligent distribution box
application environment:
for the b, c-class power supply protection;
applicable to mobile communication base stations, communication rooms, computer rooms, power communications room, airports, factories and mines, railways, civil construction and other low-voltage ac power distribution system;
with anti-lightning, anti-static, anti-over-voltage and anti-interference and other functions.

product details


using well-known brand core components, excellent performance;

using strict current sharing technology, large flow, residual pressure is low, can withstand continuous, multiple lightning;
comes with sound and light alarm, lightning count function, led display clear and intuitive;
spd comes with normal, deterioration display function;
with remote communication function, remote monitoring;
spd module built-in automatic protection device to protect the module failure and reliable power supply system from;
power supply and display panel separately, to avoid mutual interference,
circuit board parts are used metal isolation warehouse, enhanced shielding and anti-jamming capability;
standard products for the "3 1" protection mode, can also be added according to user requirements other protection mode;
lightning box optional schneider high-performance air-open as a backup protection, can also be modified according to user requirements of other imported brands;
lightning box can be installed kelvin wiring method to reduce the line residual pressure to enhance the protection effect;
series of products through the communications industry standard compliance type.