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integrated cabinet
integrated cabinet
size: standard size
power: 220v
material: material combination
packaging: general packaging
integrated cabinet, means a direct impact on the climate in the next, made of metal or non-metal material, the operator is not allowed to enter the base station access platform operation. its internal equipment can be installed communication system, ac and dc power distribution, battery, temperature control equipment, and other ancillary equipment, can provide a reliable mechanical and environmental protection for the internal devices work properly.

product details


installation flexibility, support the whole package and parts shipped on-site assembly, to achieve rapid jianzhan
cabinets are composed of the basic functional unit combination, on-demand room size, save space
compact modular design, flexible configuration, save material
subdivision management, temperature control alone, effective energy saving
flexible configuration, to achieve around the counter, back to back and counters, in order to achieve the smooth evolution of the network
upper equipment compartment, space 20u. (including the main equipment, power and monitoring)
lower battery compartment, space 20u. (12v / 150ah battery can be installed one or two groups)