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integrated frame
integrated frame
to require a holder vivo spectroscopic, splice, fiber distribution, etc. of the central office scene room, engine room and other access points bureau; using positive operation, full / semi-enclosed structure, and can be up and down into the cable.

product details


1. high-strength sheet metal cabinet, with whole welded structure, solid and reliable;

2. new glass door design, appearance; (mesh door or sheet metal doors can be optional)

3. standard u and standard inch design, adaptable, can able to install a variety of equipments;

4. fully enclosed structure, design with removable cover of the holes, knockouts, and dustproof effect is good;

5. equipped with exhaust fan at the top can be easy to keep a well-ventilated in the cabinet;

6. cabinets builted with electrical outlets, bearing shelves, brackets, l-type pallets, keyboard trays and other related installation components, the customer can select according to requirements, to provide customers with a variety of mounting options;

7. removable side panels designed to make our products easy expansion.