non-patching occ series
non-patching occ series
non-patching occ is modular with no patch cord structure, reducing the loss of a connector. play a potential function of the device, making the cable network layout more reasonable, in line with the current development of fiber optic network structure, while the use of resources is more flexible , reduce operating and maintenance costs of fiber optic cable operation and maitenance and to avoid the waste of resources. this product is suitable for a variety of optical communication networks, especially suitable for the user optical access network works.

product details


1. no patch cord design, reducing the loss of a connector.

2. no patch cord design can controll the length of pigtail and storage convenience, more beautiful and easier maintenance construction than traditional occ.

3. unique parking designed to meet the storage and  protection of client side connectors.

4. fiber routhing is appearance and reasonable to meet fiber bend radius greater than 40mm.

5. rrotating structure designed to facilitate the construction and maintenance.

6. with reliable cable input, fixed and grouding device, to facilitate expansion.

7. satisfies bundles and ribbon cables access; marked clarity.

8. modular design, installation requirements and flexible assembly.