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shanxi introduction of new equipment to enhance the quality of service minedate:2016-10-25     hot:1587

recently, shaanxi mine disaster in mine group service process, the introduction of non-destructive testing instruments and systems of concrete perspective of large concrete building structure building materials, thickness, distribution and spacing to achieve rapid measurement. coupled with its small size, light weight, easy to carry testing personnel, the introduction of the instrument system, will greatly enhance the service to the construction industry mine detection and assessment capabilities and improve services gold mine.


it is reported that the introduction of this perspective concrete instrument can detect steel, metal pipes, plastic pipes, prestressing steel, wire, glass fiber cables, etc. in a large area of the concrete, to reach the deepest depth of 600 mm, a single maximum detection area of 25 square meters. the detection results can be two-dimensional and 3d display, it can be more accurately reflected in the distribution and corroded concrete reinforcing bars, provide a strong basis for the mine engineering qualification and lightning disaster investigation to identify, especially for important and large buildings, such as bridges, dams, railway stations, focusing on cultural landscape, regional flag type construction steel internal probe.

this work will fill in shaanxi province construction (structures) detected blank mine hidden works, mine detection will enter a new field, the technological level of lightning protection and services will also better service sanqin earth. training.