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    gpxka-z-type distribution frame

    medical room in the new field of independent fiber jumper, jumper existing room independent fiber field. products using the traditional mdf type cable management, line module that is part of the external side, outdoor fiber optic cable fixed, convergence, welding, and terminal functions, course modules as part of the extension side, indoor cable terminal, scheduling and management functions. before and after the double-sided operation, open architecture, and can be up and down into the cable.
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    cable distribution cabinet

    optical transmission network, optical access networks need to implement fiber optic cable, fiber optic connections and scheduling scenarios to achieve short trunk cable and distribution cable, and place the optical splitter function, the box is made of stainless steel or smc type.
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    non-patching occ series

    non-patching occ is modular with no patch cord structure, reducing the loss of a connector. play a potential function of the device, making the cable network layout more reasonable, in line with the current development of fiber optic network structure, while the use of resources is more flexible , reduce operating and maintenance costs of fiber optic cable operation and maitenance and to avoid the waste of resources. this product is suitable for a variety of optical communication networks, especially suitable for the user optical access network works.
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    integrated frame

    to require a holder vivo spectroscopic, splice, fiber distribution, etc. of the central office scene room, engine room and other access points bureau; using positive operation, full / semi-enclosed structure, and can be up and down into the cable.
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    zhgk integrated cabinet

    19 and 21-inch standard cabinet installation, provide a variety of communications equipment in the room to provide equipment installation and reliable protection.
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