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dual power switch box
dual power switch box
size: standard size
power supply: 220v
material: combination material
packaging: universal packaging
application environment:
it is suitable for the ac / dc emergency power supply system with the rated working voltage below 400v and rated current less than 400a. it can ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the electrical equipment.
mainly used for communication base stations, communications room and other sectors of the ac-dc power supply system;

product details


flexible switching mode, automatic / manual switch optional;
circuit breaker using imported or domestic well-known brand products, improve operational safety;
configurable voltage, current display and power work instructions;
optional energy measurement function (ordinary power meter or smart meter optional);
can be pre - installed single, three - phase oil machine input socket;
can be configured according to user needs different specifications, different protection mode b-class power lightning protection device;
lightning protection device flow, residual low pressure, fast response time;
optional lightning count, remote signaling, utility power-down alarm and other auxiliary functions;
optional timing function with oil engine;
the use of steel anti-corrosion box, in the harsh environment of long-term stability of work;
with good electrical insulation properties;
wall-mounted cabinet or floor-type cabinet optional;
box made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, compact structure;
cabinet size and spray color according to user requirements;
optional indoor or outdoor waterproof box;
according to customer design different waterproof and dustproof grade, to adapt to different outdoor installation environment;
use and maintenance convenience.