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meter box
meter box
application environment:
communications base stations, communications room and other industries rated operating voltage of 380v, 220v power distribution system;
base station transformation, increase the current, voltage, energy measurement and other functions;
requirements meter and the total distribution box to facilitate the separation of observation and measurement of the occasion.

product details


meter type according to user requirements;
optional voltage, current display and power work instructions;
can be configured according to the needs of users of ordinary meters and smart meters;
smart meter can be single-tap and multi-way meter, with 485 interface;
can be made of plastic shell;
the use of steel anti-corrosion box, with good electrical insulation properties, long-term stability in harsh environments;
with good electrical insulation properties;
wall-mounted cabinet or floor-type cabinet optional, box size and spray color according to user requirements;
optional indoor or outdoor waterproof box;
use and maintenance convenience.