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cabling systems engineering there are a lot we can learn from, here i will give you a detailed analysis of some of the common problems that we are in the construction or use of the process may encounter, learn to solve these problems so that when we practice a lot of convenience, we want to help.

1.q: in this access network, catv promising how? there is no substitution adsl trend?

zhang yi a: catv commonly used hfc hybrid fiber copper access technology, it can support the transmission of information cable signal, voice, data, and so on. it can also realize the integration of the business network, but from the current state of the industry-related policies and regulations: catv network is mainly applied cable network. adsl is also a copper access technology, it can also achieve multi-service access, but at present it is mainly used in voice and data services, telecom operators a broadband access. all access technologies such as currently used can achieve business integration epon, etc., so can achieve technically, various technologies has its own characteristics, can not completely say who can replace whom.

2.q: hello experts, in a study to see when a noun "short link resonance." . . what is called "short link resonance" (short link resonance)?

wu jian a: this is a good question, related to the integrated wiring systems engineering design standards and product optimization.

short link resonance you mentioned is to say that when a link is short (less than 15 meters), link unbalanced signal or noise superimposed signal generated by the communication failure between the cause (the shorter link connector member more easily superimposed signal reflections). we all know that permanent link to less than 90 meters, but the standard also requires greater than 15 meters, to avoid "short link" problem. that is, when the link between two modules patch panel or less than 15 meters, the link test will always fail. this phenomenon over five and six cable systems, will often arise, we usually "short link" problem.

however, the problem is not so terrible, some manufacturers for their products optimized process, or compensation signal, such that upon short links, but also to achieve the appropriate performance. for example, you can also use 7 meters or more short-term. at the same time, the tester vendors are testing adapter can be optimized to suit the change of cable products. that we need to know is that the link is not as short as possible.

3.q: ask the experts: internet access on the issue:

1, network access even many ways, but have not found a book speak completely understand. experts can summarize it? fiber access from dial-up to access all other ways, give practical operating manual or program access various cases.
2, green networking. lot of different networks connected together to form a lan. there are those ways?
question 1: if i apply for a telecommunications sdh / ddn / mstp dedicated access, then in another place i use netcom's sdh / ddn / mstp can be connected to each other it?
zhang yi a: 1 information about the lan access internet computers are diverse general users mainly are the following:
1) directly from the light outlet port lan ethernet backbone switch (10m / 100m / 1000m) via single-mode fiber is connected to the rear telecommunications or other (such as technology, campus network) operators of fiber patch panels, and wide area network .
2) the use of the outlet port ethernet backbone switch router plus compliance with the respective communication service interworking network interface device, the main consideration should be given to meet the needs of export transmission bandwidth, the current general use to 2m (e1) based access.
3) adsl provided by telecom operators, epon, wireless broadband access, etc., in order to meet the export bandwidth is also the main basis for the proposed operator interface bandwidth requirements.
4) access to the internet via the cable tv network (hfc) of the subscriber terminal equipment or set top box.
5) the simplest is to add a modem dial-up internet access through a telephone line.

of course, there are a variety of access network technologies. people post press has dedicated access network technology books, in addition to the communications industry also released access network cabling systems engineering construction related specifications, these are where you can learn the technical documentation.

4.q: what is now the network has good cloth lines, testing all through, but after some time spent connected to the network is displayed on the pc is turned off, the measured line detects all pass, this is how it happened?

chen yutonga: integrated wiring systems engineering acceptance should use professional cabling test equipment, rather than a simple on-off tester. in addition to professional equipment and off-line sequence, it also detect insertion loss, crosstalk, return loss, delay and other electrical performance parameters, help you determine cabling system installation eligibility.

5.q: a question now facing the company is that the early distribution lines can not meet demand at this stage, with the pattern of the office from time to time there will be a sort of variation on the wall are gone over the line, chaos seventy-eight trick, although there is no leadership in this area care, but he can not always think there is any way to solve this problem, i hope that the older generation can give me some valuable advice.
zhang yi a: you can use open office, which set cp (rendezvous) or user information outlet cabling solution, there are clearly defined in the "integrated wiring systems engineering design specifications" gb50311-2007, and the provisions made in the description specific explanation. if still can not understand, you can further inquiry. however, several points should be noted: 1, set the location of the network switch. 2, the transmission distance cp to fd horizontal cable is less than 15 meters. 3, cp tank size can be calculated according to the capacity of the wiring block, no styling products currently on the market. 4, cp should not exist at the jumpers.