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lightning product installation faqdate:2016-10-26     hot:271
at the installation site, if the length of the lightning arrester cable ≤0.5m not meet the requirements, how can i do?

you can use the v-shaped wiring method (kevin wiring method)

with sound and light alarm (as) functionality spd alarm occurs, what should i do?

first, press the mute button, and then check the lightning protection module, to see whether the module status indicator window from green to red, if you replace the module; if no module window turns red, it may be loose in the base module lightning protection off, one by one hand pressed to see whether the alarm module lifting (light turns green); if it still does not work, then the alarm module is damaged, the base needs to be replaced.

after the big lightning and found empty backup protection before lightning series tripped open, can i reset it directly?
not. spd short circuit damaged by lightning or suffer a long time, they are likely to cause mine pre-backup protection action open space, so the open space before the reset, the need for the module aging test, to see lightning protection module for damage, if not found proof ray is damaged, it can be reset back-up to protect open space.

mine equipment and mine are broken, how else?

this happens usually the reason may be mine through traffic or select smaller lightning intensity too. it should be based on site conditions and standards appropriate to increase the flow capacity of the spd.

why after lightning arrester without any change, and my equipment was broken?

this happens often need to find the reasons from the following aspects: is reasonable, whether the length of the lightning cable too long?
 spd cable should not exceed 0.5m, to this end, the device ground reference point should be as close to mine, or take kevin reduce the length of wiring lightning cable.

b.devices are now fully protected?

a device (or a system) often have several different types of cables connected thereto, such as power lines, signal lines, ground lines, and only connect to the device (system) of all kinds of cables through the appropriate lightning with the grounding system equal potential connection, then the device (or system) is safe. if only lightning or power installed only signals mine, and can not guarantee the security device or system.

c. spd rated operating voltage and the operating voltage of the device match?
  especially the working voltage match some of the signal lines, mine operating voltage must interface signal lines and equipment to ensure that the voltage level lightning protection device is lower than the tolerance.