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china's first micro-grid island megawatt put into operationdate:2016-10-25     hot:462

china's first megawatt-class establishment in the island micro-grid - nanji island microcell after 168 hours trial run officially put into operation.significant progress "microgrid key technologies including distributed power." this marks the 863 countries.

pingyang of wenzhou nanji island off the 30 miles 130 sea miles from the island of taiwan, the un biodiversity management demonstration area, national marine nature reserve, in the past only to rely on diesel power generation, high cost, pollution and more. "with wind energy, photovoltaic power generation, for we have vital interests. previous to catch fish, diesel-powered electricity production of ice cubes, frequent power outages, often smelly fish thrown away. now, with micro-grid, we spend a large freezer , do not worry about no electricity, but also save money. "matsu?election party secretary yang said.


september 26 morning, the sun shines nanji island, micro-grid demonstration project monitoring system show: at this point, new energy power 298.4 kilowatts, 71.98 kilowatts of energy storage, diesel power generation to zero. "today was mainly solar power, wind yesterday, are stored electric hair down." project group responsible person said, "since the commissioning of new energy cumulative generating 29,070 kwh, the total load demand 56%. island power mode to enter a new phase, green, intelligent interaction, security and stability. "

nanji island micro-grid demonstration project is a national 863 project "key technologies including micro-grid distributed power" supporting demonstration projects. by the state grid power company, zhejiang province, the micro-grid construction, will contain wind, solar, diesel generation and battery storage scenery firewood storage integrated system has been successfully used.