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uhv power grid interconnection of key energy technologiesdate:2016-10-25     hot:2051

global energy internet is the future direction of the global energy is to protect the sustainable development of human society, an important measure to promote global energy optimal allocation of resources.

at present, the impact of energy security, environmental pollution, climate change and other issues brought to the development of human society has become increasingly prominent, the development of energy resources and environmental constraints on getting stronger. at the same time, the supply of each country's energy, technology, markets and geopolitical between countries is undergoing major changes. how to accelerate the strategic transformation of energy, ensure energy security, efficient, clean supply, is a common task facing the world

energy issues are global and extensive. for a long time, due to the distribution of energy is not balanced, the development of energy technologies are not synchronized, the geopolitical game between the countries, resulting in some countries and regions energy use extensive environmental pollution and energy waste serious shortage of regional energy, inter-country energy continues to dispute a series of problems. solve the energy problem, the need for systems thinking, global energy concept, the concept of sustainable development, focus on changing the world's independent national energy development model, the use of economic and environmental development of social pooling national energy development, promote energy structure by the use of high-carbon to low-carbon energy from extensive to intensive, energy distribution to the worldwide energy services supplied by the unidirectional shift to smart interactive local area, and then build a safe, efficient, clean global energy security system.

liu zhenya, chairman of the state grid corporation proposed the development of the concept of "global energy internet", whose goal is to remotely secure energy, efficient, clean transfer between countries, regions and regional, continental and intercontinental, and then co-ordinate the global development of energy resources within the scope of the allocation and utilization. we can say that the internet is a global energy future direction of the global energy, sustainable development of human society is to protect and promote the global energy optimal allocation of resources important measures. the uhv and smart grid is an important means to build a global energy internet.

global networking platform for large energy distribution

power is an important carrier of energy optimal allocation of resources, build a platform for the global energy distribution grid needs to play a crucial role. internet for building a global energy grid (especially cross, countries and continents grid) aspects of transmission capacity, economical transportation distance, network structure and put forward higher requirements for the future development of global high-voltage grid and smart grid is building a global energy internet internal demand, for the protection of all types of centralized, standardized and operational control and intelligent network of distributed power, all kinds of large-scale renewable energy and flexible access to power, long-distance transmission shift played positive effects.


worldwide energy long-distance, large-scale delivery of uhv power grid needs to provide strong support. globally, energy resources and energy needs of the country and inter-regional imbalances in the distribution, energy base away from load centers, need to implement large-scale energy, long-distance transmission and optimizing a wide range of configurations. in our country and the surrounding region's energy resources, for example, rich xinjiang, china, russia, siberia and mongolia, all kinds of energy resources, huge development potential, while small local energy demand, lower energy prices. these areas with the european electricity load-intensive countries and regions, a distance of about 4,000 kilometers, the general level of high voltage transmission lines do not have such a long-distance transmission capacity, we need to use high voltage power grid to achieve long-distance cross-transmission. ± 800 kv dc transmission power of 800 million kilowatts, economic transmission distance 2300 km; ± 1100 kv dc transmission power of more than 10 million kilowatts, economic transmission distance of 4500 km. uhv transmission using the energy of the surrounding area and sent to europe, can be an effective solution to europe's energy supply and power protection issues. therefore, based on the construction of uhv technology multinational, transcontinental energy transport network is to achieve global energy network, a reasonable choice to solve long-distance transmission of electricity energy.


large-scale new energy and smart grid as a network needs a strong and reliable support. future share of renewable energy in the global energy mix will gradually increase, the smart grid is necessary to adapt the traditional power base of access, but also to adapt to various hierarchical partitioning and distributed power supply of new energy access, renewable energy intermittent uncontrollable factors, volatility, etc. of grid stability challenges. from what had been achieved, the smart grid scheduling and control means capable of wind power and photovoltaic power generation is configured by a certain percentage, and configure the appropriate storage capacity, at the same time regulating human intervention can change random adjustable, the winds, combined with the optical output power of the process to better meet the needs of electricity load. internet in the future global energy, strong smart grid can be used as various types of new energy sources and relying on reliable network.

in summary, uhv and smart grid on the one hand to meet large-scale long-distance transmission of electricity, on the other hand to achieve the security and stability of various types of new energy grid, the internet to build global energy and promote optimal allocation of global energy to provide reliable support.